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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

This book it’s about a boy who lives next door to a Nazi concentration camp

My favourite character is obviously the main character called Bruno. Is an 8 years old boy, who lives in the centre of Germany, but suddenly he has to move-in to a house near a Nazi concentration camp. He has a sister called Gretel and two parents. All the characters are very realistic, so I could to empathize with them while I was reading the book. I like the plot of the story because, tells what happened years ago, but with not telling you what is going to happen. My favourite part of the book was when Bruno met Shmuel, a little, skinny and Jew boy who lives across the barrier, in the concentration camp. All the story is so sad, but is serves to realize what actually happened years ago. When I finished the story, I was very bewildered because I thought it was going to have a happy ending, and I felt very sorry for him. This book has made me re-read a lot of pages to see if it was true what I read.  

I recommend this book to everyone to the age of 13 or so, because younger children wouldn’t understand it. 

If I had to give a mark to this book, I would give it an 8. 

Lucía Jiménez, 3ESO B


When Isabella Swan moves to Forks, a small town in Washington where it never stops raining, she thinks it’s the most boring thing that could have ever happened to her. But her life takes an unexpected and terrifying turn when she meets the mysterious and seductive Edward Cullen. Edward has managed to keep his vampiric identity a secret, but now no one is safe, especially Isabella, the person whom Edward wants more … 

My favourite character is Bella, but I think she’s too obsessed with Edward and that she should love herself more. Another character that I like is Alice, because is super cute and a very good person. 

My favourite part it’s when Edward and Bella are in the meadow full of wildflowers. 

The truth is that I really liked the book, I read it every moment I could. But the part where James tortures Bella made me very tense because I was so worried about Bella. 

I give it a 10/10 since I think it is a good book for young people and teenagers.

Sophia de Lima, 3ESO B 


This is the last book of the series, there are three books and also they made them into movies. The Death Cure is about three boys that escaped from CRUEL, ​a city where they were trapped with walls and the people that worked there made experiments to find a cure, but they escaped from that place and found empty cities with a few people and zombies.

I think It’s very entertaining and interesting. In some scenes I was very tense and interested in what was going to happen, but that’s a good point because it makes you read more pages and one of my favorite characters was Newt.

I didn’t like the ending because I wanted it to finish differently. Also some scenes were a bit boring but there weren’tmany. I recommend this book to teens and adult readers that like action and drama books. I rate this book 8/10.

Alba Sempere Salom, 3ESO A


Twins Viktor and Nadya are twelve years old when Nazi forces attack the Soviet Union. As the threat of war creeps closer to their home, the children are quickly evacuated with the promise to their mother that they’ll stay together and look after each other – no matter what.

But on their hurried journey out of a city under attack, disaster strikes; the twins become separated in the panic and confusion.

As enemy planes soar overhead and Nazi forces push forward into Russia, the twins swear to find each other again.

The book is packed with historical maps, drawings, diagrams and photographs – and each section of the children’s diaries’ is annotated by a fictional officer using the story as evidence.

The care and detail that has gone into the story of Nadya and Viktor, their joint quest to find each other, and what it means to be a hero make this a really immersive and suspenseful book suitable for slightly older children.

África Pizá Aljama, 3ESO A


This book is about the life of a child with facial deformity. His face makes him different and he just wants to be one more. He always walks looking at the ground, his head down and his bangs trying in vain to hide his face, but even so, he is the object of furtive glances, muffled whispers and elbows of astonishment. August goes out little, his life passes between the cozy walls of his house, accompanied by his family, his dog Daisy and the incredible stories of Star Wars. This year everything will change, because this year he will go to school for the first time. There he will learn the most important lesson of his life, the one not taught in classrooms or in textbooks: growing up in adversity, accepting yourself as you are, smiling at the gray days and knowing that, in the end, you will always find one helping hand.

Emma Herrero, 3ESO A

The book is about the challenges that Auggie faces because he is not ordinary. He is used to the stares and crude comments made by kids and adults when he walks by, but he is terrified when his parents tell him they’ve decided to stop homeschooling him and enroll him into middle school at Beecher Prep. They persuade him to give it a try and hope he is accepted by the students and teachers at his new school. Palacio does a great job at developing Auggie’s character. She goes into detail about his personality and explains his emotions well. The author also does a good job at making readers feel what the characters are feeling throughout the book. Palacio doesn’t ever go into full detail about what Auggie’s face really looks like. However, many readers believe it’s because she wants to make the reader’s paint their own pictures in their imaginations. You’ll often find yourself laughing periodically throughout the novel as the author includes funny remarks by all of the characters. 

This story is a great and impactful read for kids and adults 10 years and older. It is an uplifting and amusing novel that will make you want to embrace life more and the people in it. The author does a great job at pulling your emotions out of each page and does nothing but encourage the moral of the story which is that it’s okay to be different, that it’s not about what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside that matters the most. 

Overall, this book is a must-read that will make you laugh and cry. It gives readers a better understanding of what people go through if they don’t feel like everyone else. Palacio’s novel shows Auggie’s best and worst experiences with human nature and a year of emotional growth for him and others he is surrounded by. 

Lucía Hernández, 3ESO B

Alas de Fuego”

Written by Laura Gallego, it tells the stories of the angel Ahriel in a fantasy world, reigned by kings and queens, where the most powerful creatures are angels and demons. Ahriel is destined to take care of Queen Marla, who later deceives the angel in order to provoke a war. Ahriel is prevented from using her wings and is locked in a jail that is a crystal ball, from where she later manages to escape and banishes the queen to Hell. 

When I read this book I liked it a lot, since the plot and the characters are well developed and it shows that angels can have emotions such as hatred, love …; and that not only are they better than humans, they are.  

I quite liked the plot as it had a little complexity and was very entertaining and easy to read. 

I liked the characters how they were and that they made you feel like a spectator. If I have to choose the best scene it is when Ahriel proclaims herself Queen of the Swamp. I can’t blame this book for anything  negative or for too many positive things, so my grade is an 8/10. 

Juan Cladera, 3ESO A

This book tells the story of a female angel named Ahriel, who is betrayed because of a plot to provoke war between the kingdoms of Karish and Saria, for this reason she is locked up in a prison called Gorlian in which she will take her new life there. 

This book I especially liked because it explains that ”you are you” and you are a unique being, with characteristics similar to other people or beings but unique as being, which has given me a lot to think about and I have realized that it is a very nice reflection. Apart from that he manages to combine that idea with an entertaining work where he gathers different feelings throughout it. 

Maybe the least and the only thing that I didn’t like were those parts where nothing special happens, it seems that he tells you the same thing … 

Even so, it is a book that I really liked and above all I recommend it to readers who like fantasy stories with mythological characters and creatures and to young readers because at the end of the day it is a youth work and it perfectly reflects that it is the audience to which it is to be addressed. 

I liked it a lot and for that reason I would give it a 9/10. 

Pablo Luis Aguado, 3ESO B

-Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone- 

The story in which the Harry Potter saga begins is with Harry Potter being orphaned and living in the house of his abominable uncles and the unbearable cousin Dudley. He feels very sad and lonely, until one day he receives a letter that will change his life forever. In it they inform him that he has been accepted as a student at Hogwarts School of Magic. From that moment on, Harry’s luck takes a spectacular turn. In that very special school you will learn incantations, fabulous tricks and tactics and defence against the bad arts. He will become the school champion of Quidditch, a kind of aerial soccer played with brooms, and will make a bunch of good friends … but also some shaky foes. But above all, you will know the secrets that will allow you to fulfil your destiny. Well, although it may not seem like it at first glance, Harry is not a normal boy, he is a true wizard. 

I definitely recommend this book because for me JK Rowling achieves a very magical setting with adequate and precise descriptions, both of Hogwarts castle and of those who inhabit it as well as the school environment, such as Hagrid’s cabin (a bearded giant that I love) and the dark and forbidden forest full of fantastic dark creatures that I have loved.

Cristina Cancino Mercado, 3ESO A

La porta dels tres panys de  Sónia Fernández-Vidal 
Si t’interessa la ciència, et convidam a llegir aquest llibre i endinsar-te dins l’univers màgic que crea l’autora.  “Si vols que et passin coses diferents, deixa de fer sempre el mateix”. En Nico, el protagonista, fa cas d’aquest consell i canvia de camí per anar a l’institut. Així arriba a una misteriosa casa i entra al món quàntic, un estrany lloc on neixen diversos universos i és possible teletransportar-se. Un moix mort i viu al mateix temps? És possible travessar una paret? I viatjar a la velocitat de la llum? Acompanya en Niko en la seva aventura plena d’enigmes sobre Física Quàntica.
Aquesta novel·la forma part d’una triologia. La senda de les quatre forces i Els cinc regnes eterns t’esperen si vols continuar en aquest món de fantasia i ciència.
L’autora et parla una mica d’aquesta obra en aquest vídeo.

Antònia Balaguer

Dept. Llengua Catalana i Literatura de Secundària

La novel·la gràfica del clàssic de literatura de cavalleries.

“Aquest és el millor llibre del món”, així és com el va descriure Miguel de Cervantes a la seva obra mestra, El Quixot. I aquest elogi de Cervantes ha quedat com a etern testimoni del que va suposar Tirant lo Blanc, la extraordinària novel·la de Joanot Martorell. 

Una manera d’apropar el públic més jove a un dels clàssics de la literatura catalana.

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